Sustaining your career – Art and Money – Generating income as an Artist …. How do we eat?

Conference Three

An interactive discussion that looks to unpack our sustainability as an Arts industry… We all know that a lot of Artists in the cities live on hand-to-mouth. You are as alive as the temperament of the bar owner where you sing every week. Your Art is as visible as the hotelier decides. So how do we sustain the Arts? We are operating in a world of just “Music” and not “Music Business” … how do we take our passions and turn them into profitable and sustainable business ventures that make it lucrative but also attractive for outside investment? How do YOU eat?

Venue: Uganda Museum
Space: Main Hall

Time: 14hrs


  • Maureen Rutabingwa a.k.a. MoRoots – Musician/SoulDeep (UG)


  • Natalie Lukkenaer – Founder/Director – Sauti Academy (KE)
  • Ricky Nanjero – Musician/RickynaMarafiki/Evening of Afro Jazz (KE)
  • Raphael Benza – Vth Season (SA)

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