Parasites or guardian angels? – Managers and Labels in the East Africa Music Industry

Conference One:

The session focuses on the role of Managers and labels in the age of digital Music. In the pre-digital era, Managers and labels were viewed as crucial links in the chain between Artists and audiences. They managed relationships with studios, live Music venues, distributors, promoters, mainstream media,etc. The Managers and labels were sometimes exploitative in aspects of the shark-infested waters of the Music industry, protecting the Artists while taking their cut at the same time. However, are these ‘middle-men’ obsolete in the age of the Internet, now that Artists can apparently distribute and promote their work on their own?

  • Venue: Uganda Museum
  • Space: Main Hall
  • Time: 12:00 hrs
  • Moderator: David CECIL – East African Records/Blue Imp Productions (UG/UK)
  • Panelists:
    Johannes SÆBØE – East African Records (NOR)
    Tim RIMBUI – Founder, Ennovator Music (KE)
    Dorothy NABUNJO – Artists Manager (UG)
    Leo MKANYIA – Musician/Swahili Blues (TZ)

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