Making Music Education more relevant in order to develop a professional Music Industry

Conference Six

There is no doubt that Music lives, but many times – Music lives when it can be heard and played by anyone anywhere. That is not the case with a lot of Music coming out of East Africa, a lot is heard but cannot be played by anyone. That is one of the issues this session will tackle. How can we teach Music to have a more professional Industry create work that will live forever?

Venue: Uganda Museum
Space: Exhibition Hall

Time: 12hrs


  • Natalie Lukkenaer – Founder/Director – Sauti Academy (KE)


  • Stephanie Terlinden – Music Crossroads (BE),
  • Will Ramsay – Global Music Academy (DE/SA)
  • Carola Kinasha– Director – MUDA – Music May Day (TZ)
  • Prisca Ojwang – Musician/Pianist/Teacher – Sauti Academy (KE)
  • Nina Ogot – Musician (KE)
  • Melody Zambuko – Music Crossroads Academy (ZW)
  • Maggie Manley Fyle – Ballanta Academy (SL)
  • Abiy Woldemariuam Abebe – Jazzamba School of Music (ET)
  • Tapiwa Langa – Music Crossroads Academy (MZ)
  • Mathew Ghayigayi Mfune – Music Crossroads Academy (MW)

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