E.A.S.T – East African Soul Train – A case study

Conference Four

The East African Soul Train is a traveling residency and creative immersion on one of East Africa’s most historic train routes – The Kenya – Uganda Railway a.k.a. The Lunatic Express. It brings together passengers and Artists from different disciplines and places to share perspectives, have deeper conversations and nurture interdisciplinary artistic collaborations. As a success story in its second edition – Poppy Spowage will share some of the insights of the experience alongside some of the Artists that have been part of the project.

Venue: Uganda Museum
Space: Exhibition Hall
Time: 15hrs


  • Poppy Spowage (UK) – Co-Founder and Producer, E.A.S.T.
  • Gloria Wavamunno –Founder, Kampala Fashion Week (UG)
  • Ejuku Mark – Ngoma Jam Session (UG)

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