Documenting the Drum Cultures and Guitar Styles of Zimbabwe

Conference Six:

Zimbabwe has a richly diverse but scarcely known drumming tradition. The Music Crossroads Academy in Zimbabwe in partnership with the Global Music Academy in Berlin has started the process of documenting these drum cultures starting in Mashonaland with the support of the Culture Preservation program of the German Foreign Office. Working in three villages in the Chiweshe Communal Area the team has uncovered a rich tradition with its own drum language.
In addition, the two main guitar styles for which Zimbabwe is famous for, Mbira and Sungura, have never been properly documented. The team captured many of the surviving guitarists as well as some of the newer generation in a comprehensive documentation of the techniques involved. The session looks at both these projects and their importance for the development of new curriculum for African music.

  • Venue: Uganda Museum
  • Space: Main Hall
  • Time: 15:00 hrs
  • Moderator: Kaz KASOZI – Little Room Studio/SakaArt House (UG)
  • Panelists:
    Emmanuel MUJURU –Music Crossroads Zimbabwe (ZIM)
    Melody ZAMBUKO – Music Crossroads Zimbabwe (ZIM)
    Will RAMSAY –Global Music Academy/Campus & Music Crossroads (SA/GER)

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