Stephen Affear Ochalla

Professional Musician & Choreographer

Stephen Ochalla is the founder of the Orupaap Cultural Foundation. He is driven by a strong vision to develop a distinctive South Sudanese cultural and musical identity and the desire to use music , dance, drama as a healing medium, uniting the the South Sudanese people through their cultural richness and diversity while working tirelessly for peace.

His vision of Orupaap is as a flourishing center in Juba devoted to music education and the exploration of the musical diversity of his country, researching, preserving and promoting the traditions while developing new musical forms, giving young South Sudanese a sense of identity and purpose and the opportunity to study the music of their own country.

Stephen is an accomplished percussionist, dancer and choreographer with a deep knowledge of the dances and rhythms of South Sudan.

He organises seminars and workshops and has extensive experience as a choreographer.