Son of Dave

“Chicago is famous for its dark, dangerous out-of-the-way blues dungeons, where the music invokes a synesthesia hologram of funky despair and the air is hot with excitement and the scent of Japanese businessmen. It was in just such a dive, a little hole-in-the-wall called Electrical Audio Studio B where I first encountered Son of Dave, blowing a hot electric harp and keeping time with a back porch digital looping delay…” Steve Albini (December 2009)

Following on from Son of Dave’s critically acclaimed 2008 album ‘03’, the notorious genre-alchemist returns with his latest offering ‘Shake A Bone’ recorded and mixed by Steve Albini in Chicago. Due for UK release on March 22nd 2010 via Kartel on CD, vinyl and download.

The celebrated fusion of funk vocal-patterns with divergent rhythm-and-blues riffs and New Orleans atmosphere are relit for a fourth time under Benjamin Darvill’s moniker Son of Dave. The conspicuous songs of Darvill stem from a real ache to conquer a guitar dominated world of music with his raucous harmonica playing. Fuelled along by vocal beat-boxing, foot stomping and a medley of improvised percussion. The Son of Dave imagination concocts a wholly modern yet timeless sound reminiscent only of Son of Dave.

Like any album made from passion it’s as rough only as much as Son of Dave wants it to be, with moments of sonic disorder, verbosely outrageous uses of the harmonica, and others of pure, rhythmically controlled homages to big-band swing. It’s not meant to be easily filed in your record collection, instead sit beside it like a noncompliant child, still working out what it wants to be while challenging its elders at every new acrobatic arrangement. Of course the philosophy is best expressed through Son of Dave himself, who has written his own introduction letter to the record.

Self-produced by Benjamin Darvill, ‘Shake A Bone’ is, like all Son of Dave material, written to be devoured by its listener; not dissected or deliberated on. It’s a classic piece of pop not made to any recognisable model, but with a strict agenda to be a piece of dusty blues you can gladly dance to in downstairs jazz bars or sunny Hyde Park gatherings.