Philip Luswata – Uganda


  • Fusing Music and Dance in Theatre
    Bridging the gap between various Performing Arts
  • 6th May
  • 12 am
  • Uganda Museum

Philip Luswata is an experienced theatre/arts development and interactive communications professional with over fifteen years of experience. Philip is founder and director of the Theatre Factory at the National Theatre in Kampala. He lectures at the department of theatre and film at Makerere University and a highly rated and respected performer. He has written severally for television, radio and stage with popular works he has featured in and contributed to including TV dramas Center 4 (a Ugandan medical drama series) and Makutano Junction (a popular Kenyan TV series), Kigenya-Agenya (a popular Luganda TV series), Child of a Delegate (TV series), Akabando K’iminsi (Popular Rwandese TV series) several stage dramas produced at the National Theatre, radio plays ‘Quiet and we Hear’ and ‘Pay’ for BBC, Mileh fi Leben and The Bridge (Popular radio drama series in South Sudan); written and directed feature films ‘Waiting for My Tractor’ and ‘They Stopped Eating Fruits’ among many others. He has also featured in international feature films ‘Sometime in April’ and ‘Queen of Katwe’ and South African soap opera ‘Egoli-Place of Gold’.