Raymond PaRwot – Uganda

Bayimba Foundation

  • Workshop: Rhythm and Body Percussion Session
  • 5 & 6 May
  • Uganda Museum

PaRwot is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and music trainer. He has put his training into practice through performances in festivals and shows around Kampala and in Senegal at the WIPO African Ministerial Conference. He has also written songs for a film and several occasions.

PaRwot started giving guitar and vocal lessons about 7 years ago; he taught group guitar classes in Straits Baptist Church, Malaysia. He received further training from the Practical Musician program and teachers’ training workshop, both organized by Bayimba Academy. Since then, he has started teaching body percussion, rhythm reading and writing, song writing as well as analysis. He holds both private and group classes as and when requested and ensures full participation from his students.

PaRwot is on a mission to add quality to music by training interested music lovers the art of perfection and value. The industry in Uganda needs a professional lift and PaRwot is determined to take that step to have music not only played all over the world but also documented.