Mpumi Phillips | SHEER Publishing

Creative Manager

Mpumi Phillips is currently running the commercial music synch department at Sheer Publishing handling music clearances for film, television and commercials. Her career with working for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles called “Artist for a New South Africa (ANSA)” an organization which was founded by Denzel Washington, Alfre Woodard, Ted Danson and Blair Underwood. At ANSA Mpumi Phillips worked as an event organizer doing fundraising film premier events.

Upon her return to South Africa in 1999, Mpumi continued her role as event organizer taking the role as Project Manager for T. Musicman which staged the Joy of Jazz music festivals across all nine provinces of South Africa. She gained extensive knowledge of event planning and marketing also having worked with companies such as Making Music and MIDI Trust.

Mpumi also worked as Label Manager with renowned independent music label Ghetto Ruff which was known for catapulting the careers of such artists as Zola, Ishmael, DJ Cleo and DJ Sbu. She has also been a member of the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) steering committee who are responsible for the rules and regulations of the South African Music Awards (SAMA) for several years.

In her current role at Sheer Publishing, Mpumi Phillips works with artists, composers, production houses, Advertising agencies and post production companies in ensuring they have the right clearances required for usage of music in television, film and commercials. Working as a music supervisor in films such as Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People, Babalas, iNumber Number, Nothing for Mahala and Inside Story, Mpumi has a clear understanding of the importance of music and film and how the two impact each other.