Moses Serubiri | violinist, poet and critic

Serubiri Moses is a known violinist, poet and critic on Kampala’s arts scene. His upbringing gave him an appreciation for dance and theatre, participating in many festivals at home and abroad. A period as a foreign student in Malaysia caused him to question his individual voice, which he found in poetry and photography. He went on to being shortlisted in the Hay Festival Poetry Competition in 2010 as well as graduating from New York Institute of Photography that year.

In 2011, he started his writing on arts and has since gathered an audience for his work in publications such as Start Journal, The New Vision and Another Africa. His poetry has appeared in Kwani and photographs in Saraba. Moses occasionally plays with the Kampala Symphony Orchestra and can be found at poetry nights improvising along with spoken word poetry. He recently explored music and technology as a metaphor for postcolonial Ugandan experience.