Lord Fred Sebatta | Kadongo Kamu singer

Lord Fred Sebatta is a renowned talented Ugandan Kadongo Kamu singer. Fred as an experienced, lyrically, instrumentally and vocally gifted artist is the founder of one of Uganda’s ever biggest Kadongo Kamu Band groups Matendo Band (Matend Promoted Singers). Sebatta is the only survivor among Uganda’s top Kadongo Kamu artist of the Mid 1990s, namely Herman Bassude died in 1997 R.IP, Kasozi Living Stone R.I.P, Prince Paul Job Kafeero R.I.P. The former were all part of a fund raising tour from 1996 – 1997 Muno Mukabi literally meaning (A Friend In Need). A tour that was organized to help Living Stone Kasozi and his family in the time when he was so sick at the point of death. Fred Sebatta has released number of singles and albums, Sebatta’s music is popularly known for hitting and among his target fans. His lyrics are mature and more targeted to guide people in relationship and family life, presenting circumstances of hardships and trails that people may find while in any relationship.