Kuteesa N Shadrack l Platinum Entertainment

Executive Director

Kuteesa N Shadrack is the project coordinator Hip Hop Canvas, Executive Director Platinum Entertainment and Music Minds. He initiated the Hip Hop Canvas project in 2005, to help the youth express themselves through music and deflect the negative image society had on Hip Hop back in the days. The project has produced four albums, four music videos, two concerts, won two PAM awards and has worked with up 50 Hip Hop artists. The project is being supported by Selam Sweden.

In 2008 He signed GNL Zamba as his first artist on the Platinum Entertainment label, GNL became the biggest and first hip hop artist to breakthrough to the mainstream, He later went on to sign KEKO in 2010, KEKO is the most recognized female rapper in the region. He also worked with hip hop artistes like Don MC and the teenage rapper Young Zee. In 2015 he established Music Minds, a pioneer music promotion and marketing agency tailored to fit the rising stakes of the music industry.