Kawesa Richard l Bankable Society


Born on 5th May 1977, Kawesa started out as a music artiste at the age of 10, traveling through half of the United States and Canada. He then went solo in 1996 before launching out into consultancy. Kawesa was the production consultant for the movie “The Last King of Scotland” and has contributed music to global award-winning movies such as the 2012 feature film “The First Grader”. Kawesa, a former Idols Mentor Judge, is very passionate about mindset transformation and entrepreneurship work and he is celebrated for a number of successful socially-impacting projects that he has founded. Among these is the Music Forum, a musicians’ association with over 320 established and upcoming music artists and producers. The organization exists to promote professionalism, transparency and profitability for all businesses using music. The Official 2012 National Golden Jubile is Kawesa’s brain-child. This song helped to uplift national pride among Ugandans worldwide. Election campaign strategist: Designed the “Another Rap” campaign strategy for the 2011 elections.

Married since 2003 and a father of two daughters. Kawesa, a fearless influencer, meticulous creative concept developer and strategist with an eye for detail, is the founder of BANKABLE Society.