Karengera Kirenga Eric Soul – Rwanda


  • Artist Promoters Network Meeting – Meet the Promoters
  • 5th May
  • 12 am
  • Uganda Museum

By love for culture & passionate understanding of the power music holds, Eric Karegera’s journey is one of discovery and boundary-pushing adventure bridging culture and linking people through space, time and rhythms.

Born in Rwanda, raised in Belgium, Eric worked either as a DJ, TV presenter, educator and events promoter in London, Paris, Koln, Geneva, Stockholm, Zanzibar, Johannesburg, Malawi, Russia and other places… In 2009, He launched, produced and presented his own TV show, WAHALA. This ground-breaking cultural music show magazine’s aims at allowing a wider audience to catch up on the global AFRO renaissance movement as a tool for development. The r-Evolution will broadcast in real time.

Currently operating from his new HQ in Kigali/Rwanda as part of the ever expanding Tele10Group, a media enterprise operating in the East African region with offices in Bujumbura, Nairobi and Kigali.