Jean-Pierre Kalonda

The son of a Congolese father and Rwandese mother,  I arrive in Rwanda at the age of 12 years and I immediately become friends with some Burundian musicians who would bring to life the Kigali nights. Inspired by them, I try to learn how to play the guitar and I remain attached to the Rwandan music scene until I become the lead for cultural music events in Kigali, bringing together groups of talented artists to perform across Kigali and throughout the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, Rwanda and DRC 💙💙💙).

In 2003 I become the artistic director for the Rwanda artist Jean Paul Samputu, who will later that year be nominated for the KORA AWARD under the traditional music category. In 2008 I found the events company “Huza Festival” and in 2017 I become director of the “Bukavu Music Festival” which will hold its first edition that year in the city of Bukavu in the East of the DRC 💙💙💙.

I am blessed with a passion for music and have connection with musicians, as I follow in my father’s footsteps, Athanase Henry SUKISA, who was one of the first organisers of big music concerts in Burundi just after independence. He was very close to the great KALLE Jeff, the father of modern music in Congo and Africa.