Faisal Kiwewa

Faisal Kiwewa (born 1983) is the founding director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. Together with a team of colleagues he has worked hard to transform the arts scene in Uganda from a rather static state to its current level of vibrancy. During the past 5 years, under Faisal’s guidance, Bayimba has trained, supported and created numerous platforms to celebrate the arts in Uganda. Due to the many efforts in networking and building bridges within the arts sector, Bayimba has developed into a house hold name among artists and professionals, not only within Uganda but also within the East African region. The most recent regional impact was created with the launch of DOADOA – the East African Performing Arts Market – as a regional platform where stakeholders in the performing arts industry meet to share their skills and experience and do business.

In his sixth season as the director of Bayimba, Faisal aims at strengthening the role of Bayimba in developing the arts within Uganda and East Africa, to strengthen Culture Unlimited as the network of the creative civil society in Uganda, to launch DOADOA-Music as the regional export office for music from East Africa, and to forward the Bayimba agenda to develop lasting structures to sustain the arts.