Edu Ooro – Kenya

Sarakasi Trust / Sarakasi Dancers

  • How to market dance – what kin of dance is marketable outside the region as well as Africa?
  • 6th May
  • 11 am
  • Uganda Museum

Edwin Odhiambo Ooro a former Safari Cats Dancer/choreographer/fitness trainer at Safari Park Hotel where his work was to make sure that the team was always on point and fit for their daily performance at the Nyama Choma Ranch. He later performed in Korea with the Safari Cats. In 2003, Edu formed the Sarakasi Dancers, trained them from total scratch to International level and in 2004 to 2007, he choreographed a show that toured the United Kingdom/United States/the Netherlands/Italy and Greece. That was a theatre show of the Sarakasi Dancers together with the Acrobats. He then travelled to the Netherlands where he learnt more about choreography, stage management and theatre directing. Edu has also worked with UMOJA flying carpet, Dance Choreographer for Tusker Project Fame (for five years), choreographed Tanzania’s famous Mama Africa show that toured France/Germany and Spain for two years. He has also worked with WAPI WAPI Dancers, Black Blingers (performing in Malaysia) and currently working with local artists making sure their stage performances are up to international level, choreographing the Sarakasi Dancers/Acrobats and managing the Sarakasi artists and creative team at Sarakasi Trust.