Drammeh Oko – Gambia

African Music Festival Amsterdam

  • Conversation with Drammeh Oko / History of African Artists in the Diaspora
  • 4th May
  • 7 pm
  • National Theatre

Oko Drammeh is the all-time African music promoter and has produced more music concerts of African artists than anyone in the world. Drammeh accurately predicted an increase in the popularity of Africa’s music. Although there were few African musicians known outside of Africa when he began the African Music Festival in Amsterdam, Oko has continued to broaden the exposure of African artists to the world through festivals, concerts, radio and TV programs, educational conferences, symposiums and now through the Internet and emerging media.

Oko is one of the leading promoters of African music festivals in the world. His festival in Amsterdam, launched in 1983, has grown into a major event, drawing more than 10,000 people annually.