Carlo Balemans

“The Trip”, a musical world-journey

This year, Rotterdam-based Carlo Balemans (55), a teacher at Codarts and the Royal Conservatoire, is visiting all continents to meet passionate artists. Together with them, he’ll work on “The Trip”, a composition of sound, image and spoken word. In 2018 he visited multiple locations in Asia and Australia. Now part two of his journey is coming up: Uganda, New York, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Peru.

Without a goal, he hits the road with a backpack with a laptop, piano, headphones and camera in it. He finds a place that feels good and gets started. Writing and composing, in the middle of the street. On his t-shirt, there’s a list of all the places he has visited or will visit. Passers-by become curious and approach him with questions.

A very organic way of meeting people.