Acley Mwalusamba

Acley Mwalusamba originates from Tanzania and he started working as a professional theater, concerts production technician and light designer since in 1998. He is one of the leading production technician and instrument repair in Tanzania, Acley is the founding member of ASEDEVA and Acto light company that organized event such as Haba na Haba Dance Festival, Marafiki Night Live and other events in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Currently he has finished a professional training on creative and sound system engineering and in house light designs productions in Manchester through British Council and European Union East Africa Creative and Cultural training program in 2015 – 2017.

As well, He has attended different trainings of light designing both inside country and abroad. As a production light designer in Tanzania he has worked with different musicians, drummers, film makers and both dancers traditional and modern from different levels, local, national and international artists. Acley  trough his Acto Lights Company he has worked with well-known bongo flava artist Diamond Platinum for music video design the lights and TV advertisement also he has design light to a lot of trading music video in Tanzania.

Acley has worked in different major Festivals to mention a few like Haba na Haba International Dance Festival, Visa 2 Dance, Time 2 dance festivals, Bagamoyo festival, Sauti za Busara Festival, House of cultural, Nafasi Art space, e.t.c. internationally  he has already worked with different creative directors and artists, companies from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda Sweden, Germany and United kingdom.