DOADOA Archive 2019 Let Us Play – Creative Song Writing Workshop

Let Us Play – Creative Song Writing Workshop


Facilitated by: Ambasa Mandela
Assisted by: Nyambura Mungai & Hardik Modha

Ambasa Mandela – Facilitator Profile

Renown musician, singer, songwriter and composer, , will lead this session as the incubator of the conversation, leading the audience along a journey on how to compose music through the creative process of exchanging thoughts and piecing together, the body and composing a melody to be built on.


Participants Profile

10 – 15 musicians, storytellers. Musicians can carry their instruments to the workshop.

LET US PLAY Creative Song writing workshop

This will be an interactive session with the participating musicians, to discover the real world through their life using music as a tool, be social commentors and give depth to a story shared. We have noted, that there is a need to recover the art of oral storytelling and to awaken the spirit of creativity.

This creative songwriting workshop is an opportunity for the musician to immerse themselves in the art of songwriting—at any level. It is meant to make participants of LET US PLAY, gain better skills and better access to the professional music field as successful self-contained artists.

The participants will then be divided into groups and given 3 options to pick to work on in the workshop: –

  1. Title, No Lyrics, No Melody
  2. No Title, No Lyrics, Melody
  3. No Title, Lyrics, No Melody

From the progress done in these sessions, we will have an informal acoustic jam session to allow for further dialogue on the songs created in the span of time allocated.

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