DOADOA Archive 2018 The Sound Trip World Workshop

The Sound Trip World Workshop

  • Workshop: The Sound Trip World Workshop
  • Tutor: Carlo Balemans and the Sound Trip World Team
  • Venue: Kampala Music School/ Uganda Museum
  • Date: 7th-10th May 2018
  • Time: 2.00 pm -4.00pm & 6pm -9pm
  • Target: Practicing Musicians
  • Registration: By Invitation

Workshop Description

Sharing a passion for sound, interactivity & creating value.

We breathe sound & music. We are not divided in jazz-, pop-, classical- or world music but just MUSIC. Meet the Sound Trip Modular Compositions: musical construction boxes with all the material. You need for a vibrating performance. Sheet music, audio files, our ideas, YOUR IDEAS!! None of the compositions are finished yet. That’s what we do together. Give it your vibes. Our Sound Trip Team is challenging you.

High skilled professionals with a adventurous mindset. We cannot wait to meet you in Kampala. For sure, it’s gonna be exciting to blend our traditions in one steaming performance!

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