DOADOA Archive 2018 Design and Production of Immersive Audio and Visual Works Workshop

Design and Production of Immersive Audio and Visual Works Workshop


A first introduction to the production of immersive installations (audio/visual), to cater for both the art world and the music industry. This workshop will guide you through the use of static imagery (drawings – graphics – designs – patterns) to create animation and motion graphics through software (Resolume) to design a light and visual show synced to specific sounds. We will also elaborate on ideas to design and create an immersive space for an event, by exploring materials and tools (multi screens -transparency – projectors – triple matrox head) and the dynamics of architecture, audience’s movement and stage requirements, to shift and transform our experience as an artist and as a viewer from a front stage to a surrounding environment.

The Participants engaging in the workshop during the day will see their imagery used in the evening to produce a visual environment for the performances of musicians and Djs. They can also help on the set-up of the projectors and screens to fit the different venues for the after-parties so they can engage in stage design.

Objectives of the Workshop

To understand the benefits of designing and creating immersive spaces to make, join in the process with visual artists, dancers and sound makers and to the experience of audiences.

To discover the use of software Resolume for the purpose of audio visual installation from the art world to the music industry.

Expected outcome of the training

This workshop intends to produce an immersive audio visual installation displayed during the DOADOA Market After-Party events – from Thursday to Saturday evening.


Midcareer and experienced Visual Artists – Audio Visual Artists


Selected Participants are required to attend full session and commit to program. The participants will be required to cover accommodation, Meals, transport and other cost not provided by the training.


The training will take place from the 10th -11th May 2018. Please note participants are required to attend the all the sessions of the Training.


The training will be held at the Uganda Museum and Kampala Music School in Kampala Uganda


The training will be facilitated by Sophia Lindsay Burns and Troy Thomson


Sophia Lindsay Burns (Curator | Event Producer | AV Artist)

Sophia is the co-conceiver and creative driving force behind JustaHub. Having worked for over 20 years in the art world; through conceptual and minimal art, installation, drawing and painting and creative direction and curation, she is now using her experience and knowledge to journey into creation of music and art through non-exclusive collaboration, with JustaHub as the vehicle.

At DOADOA Market, Sophia will be taking part in discussions and interactive sessions that focus

on visual art, eco-festival design, Just-A-Hub creation, Mobile Studio Concept/Design & performing as a visual artist in collaboration with local artists/musicians.

Troy Thomson (Logistics | Mechanic | Stage Management)

Having spent over 9 years in the British Army as a vehicle mechanic and with extensive experience in logistics and stage management through his current work with Electrikal Sound System, Troy is the operational arm of JustaHub.

At DOADOA, Troy will share his perspective on the realities of managing the stage setup & logistics of a young upcoming Scottish sound system, with all its joys and hardships; and illustrate perfectly how certain skills & practices stemming from other fields, can potentially be used for the music industry and redirect individuals in an interesting and motivating career focused on their passion.


The training is for free but selected participants are expected to cover their own costs that is meals, accommodation, Transport and anything else not covered by the training


You are required to apply for participation by completing and submitting below application form by 30th of April 2018.

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