DOADOA Archive 2017 2017 DOADOA Workshops

2017 DOADOA Workshops

1) Music and Artist Management Workshop

  • Venue: Uganda Museum Uganda Society Library
  • Date: 4th -5th May
  • Time 9.00 am -12.00 pm
  • Facilitator:  Stefanie Schumann
  • Fee:  20,000 UGX for 2 days
  • Target:   Artist / Artist Manager

Workshop Description

In this workshop the key figures of music management will be presented. The attendees shall participate to work out an international management contract to understand the relevant topics. Through the interaction they can experience how much knowledge they have already.  In the workshop 3 cases will be presented to the participants. They will be asked to find all important tools to set up a healthy management situation and relationship with the artist. Topics will reach from: Personal and professional relationship between manager and artist and its challenges, publishing, live shows, touring, marketing and branding, law, rights and obligations.

2) Applying Acting Techniques to Musical Performance

  • Venue: Uganda Museum, Exhibition
  • Date 5th – 6th May 2017
  • Time: 2-5pm
  • Facilitator: Kemiyondo Coutinho
  • Fee: 20,000 UGX for 2 Days

Target; Musicians {Vocalists} with a strong vocal background looking to create better stage presence and connect more deeply to their work

Workshop Description

Kemiyondo Coutinho is interested in using her acting coaching on singers.  She will work with singers using monologue techniques and the change in performances to produce astounding results. She will to teach singers in East Africa how to always have access to their truest self in order to bring themselves to any performance they need.

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