DOADOA Archive 2016 Welcome to DOADOA | 2016

Welcome to DOADOA | 2016

And welcome to Kampala, currently the most interesting and vibrant capital of the great East African region!

faisalOver the past four years, The East Africa Performing Arts Market – DOADOA has been fully held in Jinja, with just the openings in Kampala. For this year, we thought to have the entire event here in Kampala for two reasons: 1 – to give some of our ever visiting delegates a different feel of the country, so that they can fully explore the capital rather than just passing through each year. 2 – to give some of our local stakeholders who always find Jinja a long travel away a feel of the market. But not forgetting, DOADOA is meant to travel –this might have not been part of the reason we are having the event here in Kampala, but a good test to the future rotations that we are hopeful for.

This year marks the 5th edition of the market and I have to say that I have never been more hopeful about the future of the performing arts in Uganda and the great East Africa than I am today. The performing arts industry has developed professionally and with more content than ever before. We can now enjoy some fantastic and breath-taking performances that are not only conceptual but entertaining, educative and futuristic from every country around the region. As you will observe from the carefully selected showcases – right from the opening to the closing acts; a diversity of music genres, producing Djs, spoken word artists, poetry and dance.

The conference and workshop programme as always is meant to educate both our practitioners and professional in the performing arts business. I am grateful for all the speakers and delegates that have accepted to join us in this edition to share their wealth of knowledge and experience from East Africa and the rest of the world. It is within this kind of setting that one gets to understand how to benefit and succeed from the industry as it is right now. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a delegate or participant to look out and find value in whatever part of the programme you choose to attend. Our role is to bring the knowledge and skills closer to you; do embrace it with enthusiasm.

Every edition of DOADOA for the past four years has produced some success stories – many of which you can read off our website. Some artists have been spotted and booked to tour East Africa, Europe and Americas, whereas others have made connections that have resulted into amazing collaborations.The entrepreneurial trainings held before have led to the development of new concepts and initiatives that we now see employing some youth. It is that strength of the spirit of DOADOA, providing multiple opportunities beyond borders.

With that said, allow me to wish you all a meaningful and successful DOADOA l 2016. Enjoy East Africa here in Kampala!


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