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2016 DOADOA Workshops


Development Of International Career:
Evaluating The Issues And Defining Of New Strategies

  • Venue:  Uganda Museum, Uganda Society Library
  • Date:  5th May Thursday, 2016.
  • Time:  9.00 am- 1.00 pm
  • Facilitator:   Michel De Bock (Belgium), Faisal Kiwewa (Uganda)
  • Target: Lead Singers, Musicians, Artist Managers

Workshop Description

The workshop will reflect on new strategies to develop, and build a career in music.  This is an area which is difficult for the Artists, everywhere around the world. Michel De Bock will review the state of the situation in Europe and the USA looking at but not limited to the disaster in the area of record production and the nightmare of the financial reality of the tours using concrete examples of his artists or those of his colleagues in Europe. He will also have an exchange session with the participant to discuss their challenges and new strategies for their Music Career.


Rhythm and Body Percussion Session

  • Venue:  Uganda Museum
  • Date:  5TH May Thursday and 6th Friday 2016
  • Time:   10.00 am- 12.00 pm
  • Facilitators:  Anita Asaasira (Uganda) John Chito (Uganda) and Raymond Parwot(Uganda)
  • Target:  Musicians, Dancers, Music teachers, Music Students

WORKSHOP Description

Body percussion is a practical way to learn and maintain rhythmic security because it allows the exploration of different rhythms without the need for instruments or written music. The body is the instrument. So, body percussion uses drumming on the body, stamping, rhythmic speech, singing and snapping fingers. Thus rhythm becomes an all-encompassing experience for body, senses, soul and intellect. The Rhythm and Body Percussion training curriculum was developed by a German multi-percussionist, drummer and educator, Dietrich Wöhrlin, and is currently being taught by Bayimba during their music training programs



  • Venue: Uganda Museum
  • Facilitator: SMADJ (Tunisia) and Jude Mugerwa (Uganda)
  • Date: 5TH -7th May 2016


This is a collaborative workshop between Experimental Djs, traditional instrumentalists, Hiphop artist and SMADJ fusing and blending their styles to produce electronic sounds.

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