DOADOA Archive 2016 2016 DOADOA Conference Programme

2016 DOADOA Conference Programme

Opening Night Wednesday 4th May 2016
National Theatre Kampala, Uganda

Preliminary Session:

  • Conversation with Drammeh Oko / History of African Artists in the Diaspora.
  • Venue: National Theatre
  • Time: 19hrs
  • Speaker: Drammeh Oko – African Music Festival
  • Moderator: Faisal Kiwewa – Bayimba Foundation.

This DOAODA orientation session provides guidance for maximizing your DOADOA experience and opportunity to network with all conference delegates and professionals. Learn to strategize while meeting your expected goals. Drammeh Oko – African Music Festival and Faisal Kiwewa – Director of Bayimba/DAODOA will be having a conversation.


Day One: Thursday 5th May 2016 – Uganda Museum

Conference One:

  • Topic: Music Education – training musicians to understand their trade.
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 11hrs
  • Speaker: Charles Houdart (France) – African Music Development Programme, James Isabirye (UG) – SELAM Uganda

There is a huge debate within the East African Music Academic circles on who qualifies to be a musician and more so who is a professional Musician. There are several paramount lessons to learn to be a great and successful Musician or stakeholder within the sector/industry. Join Charles Houdart of the African Music Development Programme and James Isabirye of SELAM Uganda as they train you to understand the trade.


Conference Two:

As a working artist, it’s not enough to produce art: you need to promote your art as well. While your path to becoming an artist may be more about your inherent need to create, communicate your ideas, and leave your mark on the world, this won’t help introduce your work to the art community. Making sure that your work reaches the right audience, and continuing to expand that circle of potential buyers, is crucial to achieving success as a professional artist. If you don’t make an effort to get your work out there, no one will be able to tell you how much they love it – or purchase a piece. Make it a point to join Jibril Rashid (KE) – Roots International, Elijah Kitaka (UG) – FEZAH, Karengera Kirenga Eric Soul (RWA) – AFROGROOV/Kigali Up Festival.

Conference Three:

  • Topic: Women in Music
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 14:30hrs
  • Speakers: Christine Kamau (KE), Grace Matata (TZ)
  • Moderator: Maureen Rutabingwa (MO ROOTS) (UG)

Having had an interesting session last year “Women in the arts,” this year we present to you “Women in Music.” Join Christine Kamau (KE) and Grace Matata (TZ) as they share their experience. The session will be moderated by Maureen Rutabingwa (UG).


Conference Four:

Often times we listen to songs sung by artists and if we are their great fans or followers, we might be able to tell if they write their own songs, or someone else does. It’s also interesting to know that song writers in most cases have their signature embedded in each song in that when an artist voices it, you the listener might be able to tell who wrote it. Join Silver Kyagulanyi (UG), Ray Signature (UG) and Joe Tabula (UG) to know who wrote a song for who and how does one survive in the region as a songwriter.


Day Two Friday 6th May 2016 – Uganda Museum

Conference Five:

  • Topic: How to market dance – what kind of dance is marketable outside the region as well as Africa?
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 11hrs
  • Speakers: Edu Ooro (KE) – Sarakasi Trust, Jonas Byaruhanga (UG), Catherine Nakawesa (UG)
  • Moderator: Jacqlynne Tumusiime (UG) – Autumn Studios

There appears to be many dancers within the East African region, Africa in general as well as other continents yet at the same time with limited opportunities for the dancers to survive off the art form. Join Edu Ooro (KE), Jonas Byaruhanga (UG) and Catherine Nakawesa (UG) as they will be answering questions of how, where, and when in relation to marketing dance. This session will be moderated by Jacqlynne Tumusiime (UG).


Conference Six:

Music and Dance are both powerful art forms though at the same time it should be noted that there is more beauty in fusing the two with Theatre. To know who and how to do this, join Eric Wainaina (KE), Isack Abeneko (TZ), Kaaya Kagimu (UG), and Abdul Kinyenya (UG). The session will be moderated by Philip Luswata.


Conference Seven:

In this special edition of the DOADOA programme, we present to you the artist, writer and composer – Eng. Wassanyi Sserukenya whose original compositions the likes of ‘Makula Ga kulabako’ and ‘Oluyimba lwa Wankoko’ featured in various plays and they are very relevant to date.  Join Eng. Wassanyi Sserukenya (UG) as he shares on original music composition and the story behind the famous musicals. The session will be moderated by the East African’s Bamuturaki Musinguzi (UG).


Conference Eight:

  • In conversation with Mike Strano on the role of music publishers and what they are looking for!
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 16hrs
  • Speaker: Mike Strano (Australia) – ONGEA/PHAT/SHEER Publishing
  • Moderator: Kawesa Richard (UG) – BANKABLE Society

There is need for Musicians within the region and outside the region to work with music publishers like SHEER Publishing though at the same time they need to understand what publishing means, what do they benefit from doing that and finally what the publishers are interested in. Join Mike Strano (Australia) as he explains deeper. The session will be moderated by Kawesa Richard (UG)


Festival networking session – Cocktail

  • Venue: Uganda Museum
  • Time: 17hrs
  • Invited guests: Drammeh Oko – African Music Festival, Faisal Kiwewa – Bayimba Festivals, Daborah Asiimwe – Kampala Interntional Theatre Festival, Arlen Dilsizian – Nyege Nyege Festival, Mike Strano – ONGEA – East African Music Summit, plus other festival managers, Abdul Kinyenya – Batalo Dance Fest, Julius Lugaaya – Dance Week Festival Uganda, Beverly Nambozo Nsengiyunva – Babishai Niwe Poetry Festival, Suzan Kerunen – Pearl Rhythm Festival, Bwesigye Brian – Writivism Festival, Gisa Brian – Kelele Ku Nalubaale 


Closing day: Saturday 7th May 2016

Conference Nine:

  • In conversation with SELAM – The role played by SELAM Foundation in both Africa and Europe
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 11hrs
  • Speaker: Teshome Wondimu (ETH)

There are a number of programmes/activities run by SELAM Foundation in Uganda, Ethiopia, as well as Sweden that you as a performing artists or as a stakeholder within the sector need to know. Teshome Wondimu (ETH) and team will be taking you through.


Conference Ten:

  • Topic: The role of preservation and digitization of heritage music
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 12hrs
  • Speaker: Rebecca Corey (US)
  • Moderator: Joseph Batte (UG)

Join Rebecca Corey (US) as she discusses the important role of preservation and digitization of heritage music to the overall vibrancy and success of the creative industries in East Africa. The session will moderated by Joseph Batte (UG)


Conference Eleven:

  • Topic: FEZAH presents: 5 Things Every Musician Needs to Book Great Gigs
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 15hrs
  • Speakers: Elijah Kitaka (UG), Ham Namakajjo (UG)


Closing plenary: DOADOA l 2017, we will meet again!

  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Main Hall
  • Time: 16hrs
  • Speaker: Partners & Delegates

As we end the 5th Edition, we feel that it’s important to have a closing plenary to know how it all went and if there is anything that we can add to the 6th Edition.

SEE YOU ALL COME MAY 3rd – 6th 2017

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