DOADOA Archive 2013 2013 DOADOA Showcase Programme

2013 DOADOA Showcase Programme

Kampala Symphony Orchestra at Opening Reception on 6th of May @ Crested Crane Hotel in Jinja, 20 hrs.

The Kampala Symphony Orchestra (KSO) consists of about 20-30 enthusiastic members, most of whom are students and teachers of Kampala Music School. It grew out of a desire to have orchestral instruments accompany the Kampala Singers in 2002. Since then, the orchestra has grown and established itself as a serious, independent ensemble, performing a wide range of repertoire. The orchestra did its first concert in its own right in September 2007. A couple of months later, the orchestra had the awesome experience of being joined by musicians from across the commonwealth to play in Mozart’s Requiem at the CHOGM Commonwealth Resounds music festival conducted by Simon Wills. KSO performed ‘Carnival of the Animals’ in collaboration with the Kampala Ballet School in 2008, at the Bayimba International Festival in 2011, the opening of the Visionary Africa – Art at Work travel exhibition in September 2012, and continues to work with other artists both local and international, classical and non-classical alike – Kensington Symphony Orchestra (UK), local artists ranging from Rachel Magoola, Navio , Jamal and Qwela are but a few. KSO is proud to be part of the Kampala (and spreading further…!) Art and Music scene, and is looking forward to further developing orchestral music in Uganda.

Mani Martin (Rwanda) on Tuesday 7th May at Flavours Bar, Jinja, 20hrs.

In Rwanda, MANI Martin is one of the best World music makers – he mixes modern and traditional rhythms and styles. But also known as a Pop and R&B singer more especially when it comes to his songs like – Amateka, Indeni, Amazi Magari burnt of Intero Yámahoro – the 3rd album. MANI Martin released his 1st Album “ISAHA YA CYENDA’’ that was launched on December 16th 2007, 2nd Album’’ ICYO DUPFANA KIRUTA ICYO DUPFA’’ was released two years later, packaged with messages of Peace, unity and reconciliation among the Rwandan citizens. This album’s message made MANI the most popular artist in several local and international festivals and conferences. MANI was nominated in PAM Awards as Rwandese best male artist 2007. One year later; he was awarded as the best male gospel artist in SALAX AWARDS. He is also a talented in Cinematography as observed in “Long Coat’’ a Rwandan movie highlighting the post-atrocity life of Rwandans.

Milégé (Uganda) on Tuesday 7th May at Flavours Bar, Jinja, 21hrs.

Inimitable rhythms; Uga-centric jazz melodies; powerful sounds- this is the style of Milégé. Started in January 2009, Milégé is a Six-man band of youthful, smart and enthusiastic people; all passionate about music. The team came together after realising the missing link in Uganda’s music scene. The band gets its name from the japhadola – Luo tribe in eastern Uganda, meaning “a rattle-like bell” worn around the ankle for traditional dances and to usher in the King or chiefs. Milégé’s vision is to contribute and spear head the creation of world class arts rooted in Uganda’s cultural heritage, built on principles of originality, quality and longevity. Although, the band’s purpose is laden with duty, this team of vibrant and dynamic young people is committed to increasing the appreciation of local talent in Uganda and sharing this talent with the world.

Artists in Collaboration (from UG/KE/RW/BU/TZ/UK) on Wednesday 8th of May at BAX Bar, Jinja, 20hrs.

Artists that attended and participated in DOADOA 2013 will join the stage together!

Lion Story (Burundi) on Wednesday 8th of May at BAX Bar, Jinja, 21hrs

Lion Story is a music band of ten young Burundians between the age 23-30 years old. The bands objective is to give message of love and unity through Raggae music. The band was founded at Gitega – Burundi in 1999 by two of its members. It has from then performed on many difference stage of the country and won good reputation through its constructive message. Lion Story has therefore won many music awards such as PAM Award 2009 and recently the 2011 Burundian best Album. In addition to its achievements, the Band has its own studio “DREAMLAND ” to enhance and promote other local artists. The band is currently planning to extend its experience by organizing the difference concerts in EAC and elsewhere with the aim of awakening African youth for development and universal love.

Winyo (Kenya) on Thursday 9th May at Nile View Casino, Jinja, 20hrs

Born Shiphton Onyango, Winyo adopted his artistic name ‘Winyo’, which is a Luo word (a tribe from the Lake Victoria region of Western Kenya) for “a bird”. The reason for this becomes apparent once you hear him sing. His voice has been likened to that of a singing bird. Winyo is a singer and songwriter of great sensitivity and he also plays the guitar, backed by his 4 piece band of accomplished musicians, Winyo derives his music and musical strength from his fore fathers whose African music was rich in melody and traditional harmonies. His musical style ranges from traditional Luo melodies infused with witty story lines, afro fusion and afro jazz, to a contemporary interpretation of Benga, transformed into an authentic acoustic sound. His powerful yet mellow vocals are the icing on the cake that makes listening to Winyo, an almost heavenly experience. Winyo sings in his paternal language of Dholuo, Swahili and English. His stories address a myriad of social issues ranging from the plight of homeless children to courtship and love stories.

Msafiri (Tanzania) on Thursday 9th May at Nile View Casino, Jinja, 21hrs.

Msafiri Zawose is currently one of the most admired Gogo musicians today. Born into a family that honors tradition, he is determined to preserve this style of music that plays a key role in the rich heritage of Tanzania. Gogo music allows for expression of emotion and serves a number of roles in traditional life, ranging from specific songs to celebrate the harvest, to serving as entertainment for the community. Gogo music, originating in Central Tanzania, derives its unique sound from the mixture of the traditional instruments and the incorporation of multiple vocalists. The primary instruments heard in Gogo music include the zeze, ngoma, ndono, and flut. Msafiri Zawose has been able to maintain close ties to this traditional style of music, while making himself known to a new generation of African musicians. His influence is felt through his song writing, original compositions, and vocal styles. He has experience playing a wide range of instruments and assists his family in the making of the instruments themselves. He and his father, the late Dr. Hukwe Zawose, performed in a variety of venues across the world throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Msafiri Zawose is now continuing his father’s legacy with the spirit and passion of a new generation.

Akello and Amari Band (Uganda) on Friday 10th May at Rumours of the Nile, Jinja, 21hrs.

Akello is a Ugandan vocalist, composer and performer – a no stranger to the stage. Having grown up in an entertainment environment as a wide generation musician, During the last years she has immersed herself in both African contemporary and urban music, composing and writing her own music which she chooses to call “Hybrid”, a simple cross between urban sounds and rhythms of the local languages like Acholi (her mother tongue), Luganda, Kiswahili and English. Akello finds inspiration not only from her deep musical roots, but from the quintessential and unconventional African contemporary and urban music scene. Her approach is truly unique, yet reminiscent of that incredible era when music performance was an art form. Whether playing an intimate show with acoustic or with her full band, Akello’s vocal talent, sultry emotion, melodic and tonal journey will for sure interest any crowd to never forget. This is indeed a pick of treasure that she carries.

Sabar Percussion (Uganda/Senegal) on Friday 10th May at Rumours of the Nile, Jinja, 20hrs.

Sabar Percussion is a company of 15 young talented men and women from Uganda lead by Mame N’Diack from Senegal. Mame N’diack, a multi-talented artist from a traditional griot family in the North of Senegal, came to Uganda beginning 2011 with the vision of reuniting different people to make and create music. With him he brought a large quantity of different west-African drums such as Djembe’s from Mali and talking drums from Senegal. In time he got acquainted with several Ugandan traditional musicians, who later became the first members of Sabar Percussion. Sabar Percussion was created in September 2011 with the idea to create new music fusing West and East African styles using traditional and modern instruments. Sabar Percussion is about understanding different African cultures and working in harmony together, teaching each other and showing to the world what African music is about. Sabar’s style can best be described as world music that leans heavily on African percussion. The members work hard, rehearsing at least twice a week, to improve themselves constantly and taking on new instruments, singing and dancing. Their repertoire consists of mainly own compositions and some traditional music pieces in new arrangements.

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