DOADOA Archive 2012 2012 DOADOA videos

2012 DOADOA videos

An overview of the first edition of the DOA DOA East African Performing Arts Market. Organised by the Bayimba Cultural Foundation in Uganda.

By “SAKA Art House”

Un-Convention #33 – Diary / episode #1

Last week at UnCon33 in Jinja, Uganda we had to document our trip. So I decided to use my iPhone 4S with a couple of add ons.

It looks like the desktop revolution is over and we are heading to a mobile revolution, so I am very interested in content that can be recorded and produced with these small computers and software like iMovie. It’s the cheapest “almost pro” way of producing content. I think bands, musicians and any other creative that understands the new narratives will benefit greatly from the attention they will get from their fans. So let me share with you the tools and the content produced.

Un-Convention #33 – Diary / episode #2

Albert Sempeke – Live recording @ DOADOA 2012

Un-Convention #33 – Diary / episode #3

Hairy Lemon Island

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