Ze Spirit Band (TZ)

  • Thursday May 5th
  • Cayenne Bar and Restaurant
  • 10:30 pm

Ze Spirits Band is a group of young talented Tanzanian musicians from Bagamoyo, 20 to 26 years of age. Ze Spirits Band have been playing together since they were about 7-10 years old. They grew up on the hand of the greatest musician and performing artist in Tanzania, Vitalis Maembe. At the moment some of them are studying music at TaSuBa (Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo) in Bagamoyo and others at DCMA (Dhow Countries Music Academy) in Zanzibar. The band formed and registered in 1998. The inspiration for their music comes from the vibes of Tanzanian local traditional dance, songs and rhythms with the additional of contemporary music skills and ideas to empower the groove and make it active to the audiences (more fire). The current number of band members is five. Ze Spirits Band participated in a number of festivals and events, such as Bagamoyo Arts Festival, The Beat Festival, Karibu Music Festival, Barazani (Alliance Francaise) and Chap Chap Events in Dar es Salaam, and furthermore gave other concerts within, but also outside the country of Tanzania.

‘We are Ze Spirits; we aim to inspire the people’s souls’


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