Yves Kami

Yves KAMI, this Burundian composer who has forged his Afro blues-jazz style inspired by Burundian drums was born in 1987 on February 2 in Muyebe, Burundi. He is a first born in a family of 4 children. When he was 5 years old, he started singing in the Methodist Church on Sunday School. He started playing guitar when he was 14 at Muyebe High School. After a three-year high school in Gitega province where he had met good musicians from the Peace and Love, Lion Story, BBR and Prophets Voice Bands, he went to Burundi University in the Faculty of Law. After the release of his first single Twihoze ivyabaye in 2008, he has been invited to national music festivals such as the Amahoro Festival and the Inanga Festival where his appearance on the stage has left traces in the memories of the Maestros such as John Chris. In 2009, his song Haguruka was selected by the Ministry of Culture for a peace building project supported by the UNFPA .

After launching his famous SAMANDARI Album in 2013, KAMI was twice named best composer by New Generation in 2014 for the song URWARUKA TURASHOBOYE and the consortium Isanganiro-CPAJ-OXFAM in 2015 for the song AMATORA ATEKANYE. He also gave music training to children supervised by World Vision in Gitega and War Child Holland in Cibitoke in 2015. KAMI has written many songs for NGO projects such as Panos Grands Lacs, PAIOSA, Fhi360, La Benevolencya , Miss Burundi …He had finished studies and wrote a thesis on succession in Mathers of copyright law in Burundi: Le Régime Successoral en Matières des Droits d’auteur au Burundi. In 2017, he launched his second Album UMWANYA. He is currently appointed Ambassador of the AAPI in Addis Ababa on January 28, 2018 after representing Burundi in the fourth forum of the African Artists Peace Initiative supported by the African Union.

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