Spot Lite Crew & Nilotika Cultural Ensemble (UG)

Spot Lite Crew

Spot Lite Crew is an experimental dance crew, company, and family formed by various dance artists from different regions of Kampala. The group was formed in 2013 by a collective of bboys who met at different underground dance events and shared similar goals and aims. The crew uses dance as a movement by capacitating its members and community with knowledge, awareness, skills, and solutions through dance art initiatives.

Spot Lite crew has created number of dance productions/performances/acts and these include:

  • Wanainchi
  • Desolation in Chains
  • Burning minds
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Birth of an icon
  • Evolution OF art
  • Wrong right generation

And many more. These performances have been staged at different events and festivals

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

NILOTIKA CULTURAL ENSEMBLE is a collect of young people, youth and elders focused on
edutainment in spirituality using the Arts and sounds of our land. Nilotika is a people’s
ensemble that has been performing in and out of Kampala as well as other parts of Uganda and East Africa. Commonly known for their intense percussion and merging the indigenous and modern contexts of music.

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