SARABI is Swahili for Mirage, the word also means, imagination, vision and creation. Sarabi Band was formed in 2005 and has in the recent years proved to be one of the most talented Afro Fusion Band in Kenya.

The Band is made up of 8 young Men hailing from the East lands Slums of Nairobi and they started playing music at an early age of 11 years. These include; Isabella Were (Vocals), Harun Waceke (Bass and Vocals), Adam Mwadama (Acoustics guitar and Vocals), Peter Mbau (Acoustics guitar and Vocals), Bernard Oduor (Drums and Vocals), Anthony Kimangu (percussions and Vocals), John Maluni (Keyboards) and Nelson Mandela(Lead Vocalist). Their music is influenced by the everyday happenings and they try to create a Sound Picture that vividly represents their society’s every day journey.

SARABI has over the years worked together to create one of the most solid Bands in the Kenyan Music Scene. Their music is nicknamed Oregorego which is a local vernacular word for Posho mill. Sarabi’s music is made up of heavy traditional Kenyan rhythms, Benga and a blend of Western sounds. A feature on Drum Magazine in Oct 2007 declared SARABI as “The next force in Kenyan music”.

In August 2013, BUZZ Magazine also declared SARABI as “The new face of AFRO-Fusion in Kenya”.

The Band released their debut album titled “OYAORE”- A new beginning in July 2013.

Sarabi Band has also graced a number of platforms where they have always pulled off a great performance and these include; Songs of protest show at Alliance Francaise, Blankets and Wine January Edition, Headline show-SAWASAWA Festival, featured on K24 Breakfast show, Story Moja Hay Festival, featured on Nation TV Weekend Edition, Blankets and Wine October edition, Featured on KTN Sunrise, Rift Valley Festival, featured on Nation TV AM Live, Forgotten Furahi day @ SARAKASI Dome, SARABI live @ Buruklyn Festival in Burburu, SARABI Concert at Thursday night live @ Choices, Kenya’s Own concert at Carnivore, feature on Buzz Magazine, OYAORE album Launch and Concert at Alliance Francaise – Nairobi, featured on Teen Republic NTV, release of “Suluhisho”, Single song on Radio, Go-Down Gig 2 times, Umoja Tour of Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden), Shebeen Live, the list seems to be endless.

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