Okello Lawrence

Lawrence Okello Ochoko Oketch is a son to Alex Oketch a Japadhola of Abongiti-Tororo. Okello perpetuates a more than centenary history. He is the last born son of a long lineage of Oketch’s, master singers and agile string pluckers.

Okello is potentially the best percussionist and instrumentalist when it comes to Ugandan instruments He knows all the codes and secrets of most traditional Instruments. He estimates there reach, for posterity, but he makes his own music and he is the kind of artist who researches and reproduces the lost work of his illustrious ancestors. His father, Oketch, passed him this knowledge since he was a child, and transmitted to him his entire patrimony. Since then Okello has emancipated himself without ever breaking that link, renewing his instrument’s approach while refining his knowledge of the art and of the good manners of storytelling.

This young man is just as firmly rooted in his family’s earth as he is opened to other’s possibilities. In 2014, he is fructifying all the experiences he acquired on the sinuous path that leads towards artistic blossoming. He has built himself a name in the field of Ugandan traditional music, and has affirmed his musical personality, modernized the entire Ugandan tradition to better spread and to really honour it. He has played on various international festivals like the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts and events with Ndere Troupe, Collaborated and Toured with Joel Sebunjo and Sundiata, Janzi Band and one of the few members who have been part of both the Nile Music Project gatherings and tours of 2013, 2014.

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