Entenga Drums Music Performers (UG)

  • Wednesday May 4th
  • National Theatre
  • 8 pm

This group started in 2015 at Kyambogo University, Department of Performing Arts. It is a result of a project “Rediscovering the Lost Royal Drums of Buganda Kingdom” that was led by National Council of Folklorists of Uganda – NACOFU, with funds from Singing Wells. The last surviving player in Sir Edward Muteesa II’s palace, Musisi Mukalazi taught seven youths to play Entenga proficiently. Entenga is a set of 15 tuned drums that are played by 6 people. These drums used to be played in the Buganda Kabaka’s (king) palace only. This great music tradition may not disappear even when all palace musicians are gone. Musisi’s students will pass on the Entenga skills and repertoire to their contemporaries.

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