Eli Maliki (UG)

Eli Maliki is a Kenyan Ugandan Neo-soul fusion artist with a drive to inspire. Eli fuses sounds of his African heritage with fresh Neo-Soul sounds and lyrics that come from and move the heart. His first album HEY enchanted the ears and soul with pure live sounds created by this multi-talented musician.

Born in a musical family, the 28 year old started his musical journey at the age of 5 in a family band where he was a backup singer, dancer and instrumentalist. He grew up in church where he served in the church choir where he later became the choir leader. After many years of playing in the family band and church choir, Eli went solo as Eli Maliki when the family band grew apart due to different personal responsibilities.

Eli officially started music as a profession and career in the year 2011 when he got his first paying gig. He has grown to share, learn and teach in his career over the years through performances and workshops in different parts of East Africa and Europe. Eli released his very first 14-track album called HEY on the 25th of September 2015.

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