Apollo Kagimu (UG)

  • Saturday May 7th
  • National Theatre
  • 8 pm

Born 23 July 1982, Apollo officially broke on the scene in 2000. But since then, the songs that have helped bring much recognition to him are ‘Take a while,’ Owomukwano’ and ‘Oh Baby.’ ‘Owomukwano’ is a banger, beat-wise, lyrically and vocally. It has become a theme song of sorts for many reggae music fans in Uganda.

Apollo’s songs are the real deal for reggae music lovers in Uganda and around the region. The passion shines in his songs as he brilliantly goes from real calm tone of singing into the more aggressive rapping tone just like that.It’s not surprising then that English World Music producer Gareth Woods,while talking on the History of Music show on 94.8 Vision Voice in December 2009, described Apollo as “the best singer i have ever met in Uganda.”

The hype and awards are much deserved.Apollo is a tremendous live performer.Actually he is considered one of the few Ugandan artistes who can sing live and transfer the live feel of his music from CD to the stage.

Currently Apollo is enjoying the honour of being labelled the ‘Best reggae artist in Uganda’ by the fans and press on the strength of his catchy songs like ‘Oh Baby,’ and ‘Owomukwano’ and ‘Lwasoba.

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