Angel R. Mutoni

Angel started as a spoken word artist in 2011 with Spoken Word Rwanda an event organized once a month in different venues, where people gather together to listen to slam poetry, music and so forth. She has been hooked ever since. Mutoni has become one of their regular performers and through that she has gained a lot of public speaking skills and stage presence.

Having worked with Ni Nyampinga, Angel got inspired to begin her musical career with a focus on giving young girls and women a voice. Since then, she has always desired to represent all the young girls around, especially those in Rwanda, showing them that any dream is achievable as long as one puts in the required effort, and have lots of passion for what they are doing.

In 2011, she joined Dark Matter Entertainment alongside a few of her school mates with whom she shared the same passion and music dreams with. They formed this group to give a chance to themselves and other aspiring talented young people to showcase their talent to the community. Together, they have recorded and performed several songs that have had very good feedback. They also released a group Album in August 2012 for which they had a launch at Ishyo Arts Center. The group organized their first big live music concert in March 2012, at Caiman Restaurant which was given many great reviews. They aspire to bring back the love of live music and spread it amongst the young people.

In July 2013, Angel got the chance to participate in a workshop that was focused on music with Joey Blake and his Band (from the USA). In this workshop a few of the participants got the chance to get advice and tips from the great Joey Blake which really inspired her. Following the workshop, she then got the opportunity to perform at the KigaliUp! festival alongside Joey Blake, who backed her up with his band as she performed a piece of her poetry.

Having had two years of musical experience, Mutoni decided to make her first official mix tape which was released on November 30th 2013 with 18 songs. Creating this mix tape, with all the songs written and recorded by her, was also an amazing opportunity and experience because she got to learn a lot about herself and her style. The same mix tape got over 1,000 downloads and many shares on social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Sound cloud.

After that mix tape, she is currently working on an official album which would be released in the fall of 2014. Angel looks forward to continuing her music and writing journey and with that, she takes on each great opportunity that comes her way.

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